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OnCall 24/7 Bedford Locks and Keys Service – Your safety is our top priority.

Welcome to OnCall 24/7 Bedford Locks and Keys Service, your number one platform for all things locks and keys. As a truly local locksmith business, our goal is to ensure the community is safe, one lock at a time. While we cannot do everything, we have the best team, tools, accessories, and prices in the industry.

Need a locksmith you can trust even when you are not present? We are the team to call. Every home, business, or car is treated like ours. Call OnCall 24/7 Locksmith Bedford Today.

Quick, reliable and tested locksmith service at your fingertips.


OnCall 24/7 Locksmith Services
Serving Bedford & Surrounding Areas

Our company boasts a complete set of services for any type of Locksmith issue our clients face within Bedford.

OnCall 24/7 Locksmith Service Bedford Also Servicing Zip Codes: 76021,76022,76054,76095

Locksmith Services We Provide In Bedford, TX

Bedford Automotive Locksmith

We undertake all types of car lockout services. Aside from opening the door or cutting a new key, our services include car key replacement, ignition repair, trunk lockout, key extraction, and roadside towing. Losing your car keys can be frustrating, so call us immediately when it happens.
Automotive Locksmith

Bedford Commercial Locksmith

If you operate a business in Bedford, safety should be a priority, no matter what. We do locks and keys for companies, warehouses, office buildings, schools, malls, and even construction sites. Additionally, we also carry out quarterly or midyear maintenance on all locks to ensure they remain functional at their best.
Commercial Locksmith

Bedford Residential Locksmith

We started out by picking locks for stranded homeowners before growing and registering the business. Today, we still provide this service, but with the best tools and accessories on the market. There is no substitute for safety, whether for your loved one, possessions, or you, and we only use the best products.
Residential Locksmith

Bedford Industrial Locksmith

Large companies, warehouse, and manufacturing companies have to contend with massive locks systems. While these locks do not get broken or damaged as regular locks, they need interval maintenance to prevent them from jamming up. Call us now at (469) 676-0803 for free consultation or estimation.
Industrial Locksmith

Bedford Car Lockout Service

Whether you are a house lockout, a car lockout, or a business lockout, it does not matter. We have the tools to open any locks and allow you to enter your property. In a lockout, our locksmiths assess the reason, fix the problem, and ensure it does not happen again. Call us for fast mobile service when you're in a lockout.
Car Lockout Service

Bedford Locksmith Near Me

This 24/7 emergency service runs throughout the night and day. If you live in Bedford, we are your guaranteed locksmith near you. We will not compromise on your safety or waste your time when you call. Feel free to reach us at any time. Our mobile locksmith will meet you at your waiting spot.
Locksmith Near Me

Any Lock Can Be Opened

Bedford24/7 Emergency Service

The feeling is like sinking in quicksand when suddenly you realize that you cannot find your keys. This lock emergency can happen any time, whether night or day. If you find yourself in this situation and need URGENT locksmith service within minutes in Bedford, Texas, On-Call 24/7 is the number to dial.

Beware of fake people parading themselves at locksmith and only go for the best in the business. So if your house key is missing, and the tap is running, or the stove is on, or a loved one (child or elder) is locked in, call us now. Do not think. Dial (469) 676-0803 and relax. We are on our way.

For more of what we offer, scroll through our service page and click the learn more to know just how far we are willing to help you out of your lockout.

So if you are here, you probably have one or more of the following problems.

You have ransacked your bag and cannot find your key

Just moved to a new apartment and need the locks changed

You are locked out of your car, house, or business premises and need access immediately

Your locks are starting to act up and need a change

You need a reliable locksmith to check out your locks

Your garage door is stuck midway and you need to offload the groceries

You need a re-key made for your premises

The key is broken in the lock

Need to hire a credible locksmith to maintain your locks

Need a master key for your office premises

The cabinet locks are old and need something new

Your car key is locked in the car or trunk and you are running late for a meeting

You need a trusted locksmith near you

You cannot figure out your high-security lock and need help

Whether you have one or another problem not listed here, On-Call 24/7 are professional locksmiths to meet you anywhere you are and whenever you need a locksmith. We handle all types of lock issues. Whether residential, commercial, business or automotive, if it is locked, we are the smiths’ On-Call 24/7 Locksmith in Bedford, Texas.

We Do Car Key Replacement For All Major Brands


Many people do not consider a locksmith as a valuable pillar of the community until they are stranded. There is nothing as terrible as losing your keys when you have a meeting to attend, need to get home, or just want to be safe.

If your car, home, and business are supposed to be your safe havens, and you can’t feel safe in them, you need a locksmith. Locksmiths are not magicians and have no fairy dust to sprinkle to make the problems of insecurity disappear, but we can give you the best locks and security systems to make you sleep easily.

Are you in a lock mess? Have you ever found yourself staring at the car keys inside while the door is jammed? Did you misplace the house keys and are running late for a meeting? You need us, and we are ready to bring you out of any lock and key mess. Bedford Locks and Keys is your reliable locksmith service, operating round the clock to ensure you are safe, no matter what.

Hey, we give free consultations and quotes too. If you need a locksmith, just call us and calm down.

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 About us

There are locksmiths, and there are Bedford Locks and Keys Service. We are not ordinary; our services are unique to your situation and needs. While some think locksmithing is one-size-fits-all, we have a different perspective. Each call means someone needs a unique locksmith solution, and we can guarantee it 100%.

Locksmith is a passion borne out of the need to secure our immediate neighborhood, and suddenly it grew into a booming business because we build relationships, develop trust, and have the best team, ensuring this vision continues. If you live, work, or run a business in the Bedford area, then you need a solid team like us. We are addicted to excellence, dedicated to satisfying you and ensuring you appreciate the effort.

Our Team

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, but that does not make a good locksmith service. Our team is the difference between us and the next best business. We have ensured they are adequately trained with the best tools and machines and use only premium-grade products. We will not compromise, and the team won’t either, even if you insist. Safety cannot be bought, so it must be excellent at every point, including delivery.

If you live in Bedford or the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to call us as we run around-the-clock service available to all our clients.

Our Promise

We are passionate about what we are doing, and locksmithing might put food on the table, but we are happy when customers see us tomorrow and appreciate us for a job well done. Safety starts with us, and we are registered with the American Locksmith Association and have other certifications to prove our efficiency in providing locksmithing services to commercial, industrial, residential, and automotive customers.

We will always get a job right, but we are humans, and blunders are inevitable. However, if a mistake is made by us, we will fix it free of charge with an apology.

Need a locksmith you can trust in the Bedford area and surrounding areas? Call us now.

Call On Call 24/7 Locksmith now at (469) 676-0803!


Well, we are locksmiths and the best too. If you have found yourself stranded outside your house, car, or office premises and confused about the next step, calm down. Losing your keys triggers an immediate feeling of fear and panic attack that drenches you in confusion. If you are in any such condition, breathe, you need a locksmith, and On-Call 24/7 locksmith services can help you regardless of the problem.

A locksmith is an indispensable service every household and business should have. Whether you are locked out or moving to a new space, your locks determined how secure and safe you and your belongings are. Do you have a locksmith number on speed dial? This is the time to do so. Get your phone and store this number (469) 676-0803 right now. You never know when you will need On-Call 24/7 locksmith.

Asides from your house, you need a first-class and credible locksmith for your automotive property. Whether it is a motorbike, regular car, or truck, if it moves and has locks, you need a good locksmith a speed dial to help you out when/if you mistakenly misplace or lose your keys.

At On-Call 24/7 locksmith, we dream locks and are ready to provide the best. If you are looking for a locksmith service in Bedford, Texas; then you need a company full of experience and renowned for their locksmithing jobs. We do locksmiths and do it well.

Emergency Locksmith Dallas
Car Key Replacement Dallas


We are your trusted, reliable, and certified locksmith service throughout Bedford, Texas. If you are still looking for a reason to work with us, here goes.

All our locksmiths are professionals, vetted, and fully qualified to complete the job to your satisfaction.

We have the best price in the business and offer free consultation

We are opened 24/7 and On-Call any time. You will never find our station unmanned

We have a high rating for excellence and belong to locksmith certified body

Distance is not a priority; your safety and wellbeing are, so call now

We have a clean police record and ensure that our staffs are clean too

Whether you have a residential or commercial locksmith problem, On-Call 24/7 locksmith is the team to call. All our lock services provide adequate and high-standard security for you, your loved ones, and your business.

  • On Call 24/7 Locksmith have decades of experience and have built a trustworthy team that adheres to the values and mission of this establishment.
  • We understand the evolution in the locksmith ecosystem and have the latest equipment and tools to tackle any job from regular to high-security.
  • High rating for minimal damage to a lock or property during a repair.
  • We have the fastest response time to reach your location and solve the problem.
  • We do not charge for calls or estimates. Just call us, and you will get the best solution at an unbeatable price.
  • We have a mobile service unit with everything needed to fix any lock issue there and then.
  • We offer free lock advice and guarantees to our customers according to the situation on the ground.

Do you have a small or large project at hand and need an experienced locksmith to handle the locks for you? Give us a call now and get great locksmith service in Bedford, TX.


Thank you for reading through our pages. Do you need a locksmith now or for a future project? Then you are on the right page. Drop a message, fill out the form, or call the number below.

We are here because of you. Stay safe and choose Bedford Locks and Keys for the best locksmithing service.

For more information, call us to clear your doubts.

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We offer incredible, fast, and efficient locksmith services to all our customers in Bedford and surrounding areas. Let’s secure your home, office, and business. We are just a call away. For more information, call us now at (469) 676-0803 or email us at Bedford Locksmith service you can rely on – On-Call 24/7 Locksmith.

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