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Key Duplication Service

Key Duplication Service Dallas, TX

Whether house keys, car keys, business premises keys, safes, mailboxes, gates and garages, if it has a key or uses one, it can be duplicated. Life is spontaneous and losing your key happens at the wrong time. At On Call 24/7 locksmith, we offer professional key duplication service to all types of keys whether small or big, old model or modern designs, call us.

Our locksmiths have the tools and techniques to duplicate any key except it has a DND on it. However, if the original manufacturer gives a go ahead, we will duplicate your keys in minutes. Call is at (469) 676-0803.

For fast, affordable and exceptional services, visit our storefront or call us and have a key duplicated before you. Our locksmiths are trained and passionate about their jobs and have the machine to bring any key back to life whether you have a copy or not. Our specialized key duplication service caters to antique keys like treasure chest keys, old lockets, and other antique gift handed down through the generations.

I need a key duplication on site

We can arrange for this too. Losing your key is stressful enough and we would not want to add to it. At On Call 24/7 locksmith, we have mobile fitted trucks that will duplicate another key on site at your location. Hey, we will not charge any extra fee for doing it on the spot; you enjoy the flat rate without any hidden fees either.

 Using a locksmith for Key Copying Process

A locksmith is built by design to create keys and solve all lock issues, it is what they do. When looking to duplicate your key, you can go to a big store or seek out other means, but a locksmith is the best way to go.

If you live in Dallas, TX or the surrounding area, there is one name for key duplication. They are fast, affordable and can cut any key regardless of the design, shape or size. On Call 24/7 locksmith is the name, call them for all your key duplication needs. Why you should use a locksmith in key duplication?

  • They cannot make mistakes because they deal with one key at a time. If the locksmith is duplicating a key using the mobile unit, we focus on just you and nothing else.
  • They have the opportunity to assess the lock that needs the key to avoid mistakes
  • We test the key before leaving the premises to ensure you do not have any problems afterward
  • They use high-quality metal and tools to get the edges well like the old key
  • They do not need a copy of the old when duplicating the new.

Whether you are duplicating a single key or multiple keys, we have the capabilities for it. We don’t bother ourselves about the shape or size, if it is a key, we can duplicate it. So if you want a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith of the job, call (469) 676- 0803 now.

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