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Panic Bars Dallas, TX

We live in a commercial world where trade and transactions are ongoing 24/7, and as we run around to make ends meet, there is the need for security in the event of danger. Over the years, we have witnessed grand tragedies where lives were lost because of a simple missed installation. Today, commercial outlets must install a panic bar to enable easy exit from buildings when needed.

So if your run a business in Dallas, TX, and do not have a panic bar installed, you could be breaking the law. However, before you employ an unqualified locksmith to do the job, check out the panic bars at On-Call 24/7 locksmith or call us at (469) 676-0803.

Why do businesses need a panic bar?

The panic bar has one purpose only: to facilitate the easy movement of a crowd in an office space during a fire or disaster. Panic bars allow easy, fast, and fluid movement, reducing the risk of death, injuries, and confusion.

On-Call 24/7 locksmith will be at your office building to install a panic bar once you have called us. However, there are certain requirements before we install a panic bar by law, so we will come in for a thorough check of those criteria before the process. The panic bar is also known as a crash bar, push bar or panic device that uses a latching mechanism to lock and unlock itself. The system is latches to the door horizontally to make it easy for users or the first person to lift during a fire or disaster.

What are the benefits?

  • It improves the safety of the employees
  • A panic bar is an affordable security that you cannot miss
  • It is accessibility compliance that all commercial buildings must adhere to according to law.
  • It is the best exit solution for commercial space with multiple offices and people.

These buildings must have a panic bar installed to facilitate a fast and easy exit during a disaster.

Any building where people assemble like schools, childcare centers, town halls, or anywhere with occupants up to 50 or more

At any particular time, all buildings, whether living or offices, with more than 100 people in them are

All service buildings with high-power electrical equipment or related items

Generally, any residential, commercial, or building that meets the conditions above must have a panic bar installed in it. However, before you choose a panic bar for your business, you must know what suits you and your building.

Do you need a panic bar in your facility or want to know more? Call (469) 676-0803, and a locksmith will answer all your questions.

Do you need a panic bar installed in your building and want to know more? The trusted professionals of On Call 24/7 Locksmith Service, Dallas provide a fast, reliable solution. For more information about our services, send us an e-mail at or call (469) 676-0803.

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