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Door Knob Installation and Repairs

Door Knob Installation And Repairs Dallas, TX

Did you just move into a new apartment, or have the doors changed? Perhaps you do not like the old ones and want something unique and more suitable to your style and personality. So if you need new doorknobs or would like to know more about door knobs for your house, offices, or other building properties, call the guys at ON CALL 24/7 Locksmith, Dallas, TX. If the project is a large one, we can handle it too. Send us an email at  and we will get back to you immediately. Thus, having our door knob installation and repairs services.

How many times have you been to a house with a little knob on the door to help you access the room easily? We bet none. Door knobs are crucial fittings for doors, and while they have uses to access space, they can help keep your property safe. They are not only stylish accessories that enhance the décor of the room but functional pieces that allow you to use the door effectively.

Whether you want to replace a damaged doorknob, install new ones, or update the interior of your space, we have door knobs for you. So what do you need to know about doorknobs?

When choosing a doorknob, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always consider the thickness of the door before buying a doorknob.
  • Measure the borehole before buying one.
  • When replacing a doorknob, make sure it fits the existing measurement on the door.
  • Take the bolt and latch configuration when buying a doorknob.
  • Buy a doorknob for the exact purpose.
  • Check the quality and grade of the hardware.
  • Always think design, style, and décor.

So, if you can’t think of all of the above or are afraid of making a costly mistake, for professional consultation, contact the locksmiths at (469) 676-0803 and use our door knob installation and repairs service.

Types of doorknobs

  • Half-door dummy +Knobs have uses to simply open or close doors. They do not lock or have an instrument that allows you to close them. These types have uses in spaces like kitchens or playrooms.
  • Passage Door Knobs are like the knob above with a non-locking feature, but they require you to rotate the handle to open the door. These are perfect for hallways or public spaces.
  • Manufacturers design privacy door knobs for private spaces with a lock and unlock mechanism. This knob uses a key or a push-button feature to operate it. They are used for spaces that need privacy, like bedrooms, restrooms, and more.
  • Storage or storeroom doorknobs are used for these spaces. It consists of a key and lock system used for areas that must be closed all the time, like storerooms.

Installing or repairing a door knob is a simple job for the locksmith. Call the guys at ON CALL 24/7 locksmith service, Dallas, TX.

If the knobs are functional and in good shape but old and rusty, we can clean them, restore them back to life, and then re-install them on the door.

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