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Duplicate Car Key

Duplicate Car Key Dallas, TX

If you misplace or damage the car keys, it is best to get a duplicate because that is the best way out of this mess. Moreover, your car is your investment and your means of getting around, so it is best to choose a locksmith within the vicinity that knows about cars and car keys. On-Call 24/7 locksmith has incredibly talented technicians specially trained with in-depth knowledge key duplicating. With years of experience under our belts, our customers know that the best service in Dallas is from On-Call 24/7 locksmith. We have a comprehensive Duplicate Car Key service to best assist you.

Call us at (469) 676-0803 now, and we will send a fully fitted locksmith van to your location immediately. However, we advise our locksmiths to request a valid ID or driver’s license before duplicating a key for the caller. This is to avoid any problems with the law and to verify that the car is actually yours.

  • Car keys get duplicated daily for several reasons, like as below.
  • You lost the key and cannot find it.
  • It is misplaced, and you are late, stranded, or lost.
  • Jammed in the ignition.
  • It is broken, twisted, or not functioning.

It does not matter which one of the problems it is, On-Call 24/7 locksmith will send a mobile lock technician that will duplicate a new key on the spot. If the key is breaks within the ignition, we will offer an extraction service; check the ignition lock before using the duplicate car key service.

Emergency car key duplication service

Car key problems can happen at any time of the day or night, but we are ready for you. We are also available during the holidays, rush hour, and in between. We will be there if you call (469) 676-0803.

Why should you call us?

  • We are reliably fast. In fact, our policy demands we arrive at your location within 30 minutes of the call. So, if we cannot arrive within that time frame, we will dispatch the nearest locksmith to you.
  • We are affordable, and our prices are fair. There are no hidden charges, costs, or extras. Within the Dallas area, our prices are unbeatable, as is our service.
  • We have trained hands to handle your car key duplication diligently and promptly.

At On-Call 24/7 locksmith, we advise our clients to have more than one key duplicate in case of emergency situations.

We do a complete check — during a car key duplication service, the technician must check all parts to ensure they are working well, and only a professional locksmith can do this. So the next time you want to duplicate your car keys, remember to call (469) 676-0803.

Finally, we are quick, unlike a dealership that might take days or weeks. This is valuable time that you cannot afford to waste.

Do you need a professional locksmith for your car key duplication service? The trusted professionals of On Call 24/7 Locksmith Service will provide a fast, reliable solution. For more information about our services, send us an e-mail at or call (469) 676-0803.

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