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Ignition Lock Replacement Service

Ignition Lock Replacement Service Dallas Dallas, TX

An ignition lock is a component of your vehicle that you use frequently but probably take for granted. Perhaps you are not even aware of it. There’s nothing to see here unless you have a modern automobile with a push-button start, in which case, go on. The ignition lock is an electrical switch that allows you to turn the key to start your car. Our ignition lock replacement service ensures a solution to your locksmithing issues.

Need an ignition replacement? Are you having issues with the ignition switch on your car? There is no need to worry – we have you covered. On-Call 24/7 locksmith offers efficient, dependable, and effective replacement solutions to ensure it does not repeat itself again with our ignition lock replacement service. We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX, and provide exceptional ignition locksmith service to all residents here. Our locksmiths are trained professionals ready to give you high-quality service when you call (469) 676-0803. So if you need the best in and around Dallas, TX, look no further than On-Call 24/7 locksmith.

Whether you need an ignition replacement service or any type of car locksmith service, we are the locksmith to trust. Over the years, we have built a solid service that services all residents, even on holidays and weekends. We understand that your car is your business, so we will deliver quick, reliable, and efficient service in minutes.

Diagnosing the problem with the ignition before replacing it

With the growing complexity of cars and the ever-changing locks and key industry, it is not surprising that many people do not know much about their cars. I guess that is why we are here to help. The problem with your ignition could be somewhere else in the car. Therefore, replacing the ignition will not solve the problem.

At On-Call 24/7 Locksmith, we have handy mechanics/locksmiths that will conduct a thorough check of your car to see why. If all areas check out, then the ignition lock will be replaced, and you can be on your way as we will not waste your time.

Some reasons why your ignition lock is not working include:

  • The car is not in the park.
  • The ignition lock breaks or has dirt in it.
  • Battery is dead.
  • Key breakage or has a bend in it.

Our locksmith will check for all of these reasons before deciding to replace the ignition. This is why you need a certified locksmith to check the ignition.

Why do you need a professional locksmith when you have an ignition problem?

Many people go back to their dealers when they have problems with their cars, but dealers take time to get anything done, and many do not even know about the inner workings of a car. So, while you trust the dealer, he cannot fix the problem. Even when they can assist, their charges are exuberant, and it will take a couple of days to get results.

However, On-Call 24/7 Locksmith professionals handle all key replacement issues accross Dallas, TX.

Do you need a professional car locksmith to fix your ignition problems in Dallas? The trusted professionals of On Call 24/7 Locksmith Service will provide a fast, reliable solution. For more information about our services, send us an e-mail at or call (469) 676-0803.

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