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Lock Rekey Service

Lock Rekey Service Dallas, TX

Lock Rekey Service

 Except you built your home and are the first tenant on the property, we can guarantee that not all previous owners return their keys when they move homes. As a landlord or new occupant, it is crucial to ensure your safety and those of your family which is possible with our lock rekey service.

Whether it is a residential rekey service or a business premises, lock rekey service is a cost-effective way to safeguard your belongings without breaking the bank. Do you need a rekey service in the Dallas region? We are your best bet at getting it done efficiently. Hey, we offer emergency re-key services too, because your safety is all that matters to us.

Who needs a rekey service?

You just made a move – congratulations, you just purchased your first home or perhaps have lived in forever, and you need to rekey it. Rekeying is a simple way to improving the security system of your home without compromising on quality. At On-Call 24/7, we advise our clients to rekey immediately they move into a home all main entrances and exits. We are particularly imposing on the front door, back door, garage locks, and windows hidden from public view.

Your lock is old – if this is not enough reason to re-key your locks, then what is? Old locks are a disaster waiting to happen. It can stop and cost you more than you expected. So if your locks are 2-5 years old, especially for doors used constantly, we advise changing the entire lock but for cost-effective methods that still work, re-key them.

Landlords – some states require that landlords must rekey their homes before a new occupant settles in. it is added security and safety, especially if the old tenants did not drop their keys while moving.

What is the difference between rekeying and replacing (changing) a lock?

This question confuses so many people, but we will try to explain it well for you. 

Rekeying means the pins inside a lock are re-configured and the key changed, but all other accessories still remain the same. It is like fixing the heart by adding a pacemaker so that it continues to function well. Rekeying is affordable, quick, and efficient.

Replacing or changing a lock is removing the entire lock and handlebars and inserting a totally new one. There is no uses for the part of the old locks, and in some cases, a new lock different from the old one will then have its uses. This is like getting a heart replacement because your old one is inefficient. This process is expensive, time-consuming but works like magic. 

Remember, whether you rekey or replace it, the lock will work like new, and your home and belongings will be safe.

DIY vs. Professional re-key locksmith

People think because they can pick a lock they can do the locksmith’s job. No, it is not right. If you do not maintain your locks, you are vulnerable to external danger. Even though re-keying is a swift process, it is always best to have a locksmith handle your locks.

At On-Call 24/7 locksmith, we will re-key all locks at an affordable price faster than anticipated without worries. 

We use only the best tool to re-key residential, commercial, industrial, and auto locks.

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