Frequently Asked Questions

As more lock companies try to improve the security systems to keep homeowners safe, high-security locks were patented. 

This means throughout the duration, when the patent is valid, your lock is secure and cannot be tampered with. However, when it is expired, it can put you at risk. To prevent this from happening, professional locksmiths like On-Call 24/7 locksmith inform their clients and offer upgrades to keep you safe.

If the lock is damaged, then the pieces or parts are useless to you or the locksmith. The locksmith taking them away is for proper disposal, but you can insist on having all changed components after a locksmith is done with their job.

Secondly, some lock mechanisms are different from the regular, and the locksmith might not have the required part in his van. 

The locksmith is right to take the parts back to his shop to get the right ones. So if a locksmith acts either way, it is safe and you do not need to be afraid.

If a locksmith offers emergency service, it means they are available every hour of every day throughout the week. 

And if you are thinking if this includes Sundays and Saturdays, then yes. In fact, 24/7 locksmith service means you can reach them at any time day or night, even on holidays. If you have a lock problem on Christmas day, they will attend to you. That is a beautiful sacrifice if you ask us. Need an emergency locksmith service in Dallas, call the On-Call 24/7 locksmith today. They are always available for your safety and happiness.

There are plenty of reasons to change your lock. For instance:

If your home was burgled, using the same lock makes you prone to burglars again until you change the lock. Remember, changing the locks is not the same thing as fixing the lock. Chances are that a fixed lock will still be picked.

You just changed apartments and need extra security. One piece of advices we give a homeowner who just moved is to change the locks. Being new makes you susceptible to burglars and thieves. 

If the lock is old and starting to develop problems, it is time to change them. You do not want to be locked out on a specific day as your wedding day.

When a locksmith says re-key, it simply means changing the configuration of the lock so that existing keys cannot open them. Most people rekey when they lose their key, move to a new home, or do not have the means to do a complete key/lock change. The rekeying process involves forcing the pins into different heights and positions to alter the key function mechanism. Usually, when a lock is rekeyed, a new key is cut to fit the new pin positions.

To prevent people from duplicating a key, companies or rental spaces usually inscribe the letters DND meaning Do Not Duplicate on the key. 

While this is a clear indication that the key should not be copied, these keys can be duplicated but not by any certified locksmith. 

We at On-Call 24/7 will not duplicate any key that is patent or with the DND inscription. Usually, people who duplicate such keys go to an unlicensed and unregistered locksmith to get it done. If you live in an apartment with a DND key, the best option is to change or rekey your locks for safety purposes.

However, some keys are key-restricted. It safeguards it so that only the locksmith that installed the lock can tamper with the key. Also, a restricted key cannot be duplicated with a license.

Every lock is secure in its own capacity according to how it is used. However, if you have a particular specification for a high-security lock, then you should speak to your locksmith. They can clarify your needs and provide locks that will adequately secure your home, property, and business. Remember, high-security locks are pricey, but if you have the capacity, why not. There is nothing as fulfilling as knowing your personal space is safe from outsiders.

There are so many quacks and unlicensed locksmith parading on the fears of innocent victims. It is required to ensure that your locksmith is licensed, insured, and certified by the business board where their business is located. In Texas, all locksmith services are regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Services Division – Private Security Bureau (PSB). Hence all locksmiths operating within the state must be licensed to be one.

Yes, we can. We can cut a key for any lock, whether there is an original or not. Keys are cut based on the lock configuration and not the key itself. 

Even though having a key will hasten the process of making another one, it is still possible. To make a key without the original, the locksmith will need to pick the particular lock first. Picking the lock allows the locksmith to open the lock part, re-key, and create a new key. If you are worried if it will be safe, the answer is yes. When locks are picked and rekeyed, the old key is no longer functional and cannot be used.


Locksmiths are not above the law, and a single mistake can lead to prosecution and lawsuit. One way to prevent been snarled is to ensure the customers have a valid ID to verify that the house or car belongs to them or they are who they claim to be.