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Locksmith Services Every Property Manager Needs


Property managers have a lot going on every day for property maintenance, rent collection, and dealing with clients. One thing that they need during this is a trustworthy locksmith service that keeps their property secure and provides top-notch service.

But what exactly are the locksmith services that every property manager needs? Well, if you don’t know, we’ll tell you all the services and tasks a locksmith service fulfills for a property manager. So let’s not wait and get diving into the services.

Essential Locksmith Services Every Property Manager Needs

Following are the essential services that a locksmith company offers when a property manager or managing company hires them.

1.      Safe lock change

Whether it’s a house, building, or a company, when tenants or employees move out or a company moves to another place, you need to ensure that there is no entering way for old tenants or people.

So for extra security, a locksmith changes all the locks of a property, so there’s no trespassing of old tenants at that place.

It makes the property more secure for new renters, and there are no chances of invasion from previous clients.

2.      Installing advanced security systems

In places like apartments or commercial properties, there’s necessary to keep the people secure in those places. The building managing company can install an advanced security system for advanced protection.

Locksmith services include installing a digital security system to check your building’s activities. It ensures no suspicious actions are happening, and you’re constantly updated.

3.      Urgent lockout services

All of us are not new to locking out ourselves. Most people go through this problem, and it worsens when you don’t have a spare key. This is where urgent locksmith services come in handy. A locksmith will give you a replica key on an urgent basis to open the door.

Locksmiths are equipped with advanced tools that help open the lock without damaging the doors. So instead of trying it yourself, a good locksmith will unlock the door within minutes.

4.     Rekeying

As a property manager, you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing the locks of entire buildings or houses when a renter leaves. Professional locksmiths also provide services of rekeying. In this method, the locks are left intact, and keys are replaced with new ones.

The locks are coordinated with new keys, and old keys are left useless. So even an intruder with old keys wants to enter that place, but they can’t because of rekeying. It is cost as well as time-efficient for property managers.

5. Post eviction security

On commercial levels, once a company relocates, you need to secure the building again for the new tenants.

A property manager is already going through different clients’ and legal works, so in this case, he can ask for the post-eviction security service of a locksmith.

The locksmith team will change the locks and rekey the entire place to make it secure. In the case of digital locks and security, they will change their settings and codes so that only new occupants can securely enter their office.

6. Maintenance

Every security system requires maintenance for proper function. Locksmith services include the security maintenance of properties regularly. It maintains a schedule, so there’s minimal to no damage to locks or security systems.

The maintenance includes:

  • Damaged lock repairs.
  • Making replica keys in case of emergency.
  • Changing digital passwords.
  • Inspect locks and doors to see if there’s no forced entry.
  • Installing digital locks in new places.

7. Master key making

Places like building gyms, pools, and other facilitated areas have different locks. A building in charge is already juggling a bunch of offices and building keys and can have difficulty sorting them out. To ease this problem, locksmiths tend to make a master key.

A master key fits many locks and is one key solution for doors. In any residential unit, a master key gives access to multiple apartments in case of emergencies, like locking out. So the manager doesn’t have to go through several keys to fit one in the lock.

8. Installing lock boxes

Many residential places have lock boxes for each apartment for receiving mail etc. Each lockbox is secured with a lock different from the other. Locksmith services include installing these lockboxes with a digital or conventional lock.

Their services also include maintenance of these lock boxes if their lock becomes damaged or faulty.

9. Inspection

It is hard for a layman to find out if their private space has been invaded. However, locksmiths are professional enough to see even the tiny traces of lock picking.

So if your client or tenant is suspicious about the security of the place, you can call the locksmith for a thorough inspection.


Today, we discussed the primary locksmith services every property manager needs for the property security of their clients and tenants. These services include locks maintenance and their changing, installing a security system, rekeying, making of master key, an inspection of security system, urgent services, and commercial post-eviction security.

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