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How to Tell If Your Lock Has Been Picked


Are you suspicious that somebody is trying to get into your house? Well, there are several ways to intrude on your personal space; one of those clever methods is picking a lock. It leaves minimal evidence and gives a successful entrance. The question is how to tell if your lock has been picked?

That’s why today we will tell you the significant sign you’ll find in your lock when it has been picked. So without a further due, let’s get started.

Types of unofficial entries

Before starting signs, you should know how a burglar or stranger can sneakily enter your house or office. There are three types of unofficial sneaking into someone’s place

1.      Brute force

This is the most common and rash way to intrude into a place. It involves using a hammer, crowbar, or any heavy tool to break your door’s lock or your door entirely. All you need is some accompanying tool and a ton of force to break the lock and enter.

It leaves hash marks on the wood and gives a broken lock. Several damages, chipped wood, and scratched paint tell that some intruder entered your place.

2.      Bump

In bumping, there’s a unique key with little to no teeth that most locksmiths use to open the locked door. Burglars are intruders who use this key, and when it fits in the lock, they bump it with a hammer or other heavy tools, and the door gets opened.

 It leaves marks on the lock with scratches on the side of the tools, so you can quickly tell that somebody has bumped your lock.

3.      Picking

This is the most level and most intelligent method to unlock a door to get an official entry into a place. They use a small pin that enters that lock and turn it with a screwdriver. With some effort, they successfully rake the tumblers and open the lock.

It leaves almost minimal to no evidence letter lock has been picked, but we will tell you some of the significant signs that will confirm that somebody has picked your lock.

Significant signs of lock picking in your door

Even though lock picking is clueless and leaves almost no marks, if you look closely, you will see the signs mentioned below

1.       Scratches on the keyhole

When suspicious about your lock, please take a closer look at the keyhole.  Either an amateur intruder or an expert, you’ll see scratches of sharp objects like screwdrivers or pins around your keyhole. It tells you that somebody had tried to mess up with your lock.

In the case of bumping, you’ll see a lot of scratches scattered around the keyhole, but in the case of picking, you have to get close and check the edges of the keyhole. You’ll see minor and shiny metal scratches lying close to the edges and moving inside.

2.      Difficulty in opening the lock

Another sign that is a clear indication of lock picking is the rough functioning of your door lock. There will be resistance when you place and turn the key into the lock.

Even though it can be a typical problem of old locks, if your lock is sound and smooth, its resistance can be slightly alarming.

3.      Scratches on key pins

The picking pin messes up with the critical pins inside the lock to open the door. During this struggle, the key pins get scratched and damaged. If you put light through your keyhole and observe its tumblers and key pins, you’ll see shiny metal scratches on it.

It might be hard to look inside. That’s why we recommend you get a locksmith to determine if your lock has been picked or not. Locksmiths are experts and will quickly determine your lock situation.

What to do when your lock has been picked

Don’t panic! Here’s what to do when you think that your lock has been picked

1.       Call a professional locksmith

Firstly, contact a professional locksmith as they have special equipment to look if somebody picked your lock or not. Whether it’s any time of the day, you can contact On Call 24/7 Locksmith when your lock shows problems.

2.      File a complaint

Once the locksmith confirms lock picking, call the police and urgently file a complaint.

3.      Go through your possessions.

Go to your house or office and see if your things are stolen or not.

4.      Change your lock

Once done with the official work, change your door locks with the help of a professional locksmith. Also, install a security system in your place, so you instantly get notified when an intruder tries to invade your space.


With our detailed guide, these signs are the primary indication of someone invading your personal space. If you get at least two of these three signs on your lock, contact the police and take the necessary precautions.

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