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Five Best Business Lockout Solutions

It is a common problem that almost all of us have faced at least once. You may have been locked out of your own home, car, or office. These are all situations we did not anticipate, and we only get to know about them when they have appeared just before us. There are many problems if the door doesn’t open, and you are late for some reason. Not only can it hurt your reputation as a seller but even the great trust of your loved ones because you did not reach on time.

However, if you feel like you are in a predicament, there is no need to worry because there are many solutions you can create to help you out of that problem? Here we will be discussing the five critical keys to your predicament.

Alternate pathways

If you have been locked out of your home or office building, always think of creating a new pathway. For example, if you have been locked out of your office, you can enter the adjacent office from that side instead of prying open the main door. Often there are more than one means of access to your premises, and you are just not thinking of them now.

The same goes for your home; if you think you have been locked out of the main gate, there is no need to worry. You must ensure that you do not get frustrated just because of this problem and think intuitively. It means you have to search for another pathway that leads into your house, and you can unlock the main door.

Asking help

It is also one of the solutions caused when two people think about the same problem; they are more likely to reach the solution quickly. Often your neighbor might also have a spare key that you can then use to open the main door? Suppose you are living on residential property and are intelligent. In that case, you might even provide your trustworthy neighbor with a spare key so that you can contact them and enter your home peacefully in case of emergencies.

The same goes for your office cubicle; if you have been locked out of your main door, you can ask your colleague if he has a spare key or if there is a way through his office into your own. Asking for help is always beneficial and can save you time.

Unlocked windows and doors

There is a good chance that you might not have locked all the windows of your home, and as a result, there is an alternate pathway for you to enter that house. However, this is something that is not recommended simply because of the fact you are not the only one who can enter your home.

There’s a perfect chance that a thief might also enter your place and rob you of your belongings. However, one good thing is that if there are unlocked windows and doors, you can enter the premises and quickly lock the place down.

Spare keys

If you’re smart enough, you will create several spare keys and hide them under your carpet at the entrance or somewhere around the house or your office. You can even give your spare keys to your trustworthy neighbor. The same goes for your office; you can give them to your colleague who will provide you with those keys in case you lose your keys. 

There is always a possibility that when you go out, you might lose your keys; therefore, it is also crucial that you keep one pair in your bag or briefcase at all times so that in case there is a mishap, you don’t have to worry about entering your own office or home.

Commercial locksmith

Suppose all of your attempts have failed and led you to no; where the last thing you can do is to contact the local locksmith present in your area. Since you have exhausted all options and there is nothing else to do at your best, let you call a commercial locksmith as soon as possible if you’re in a case of emergency. A locksmith will not be able to carefully remove the log and allow you to enter your home. Still, he will also provide the services such as providing you with spare keys to ensure you have a pair that will allow you to enter your home next time something like this happens.


All these are essential solutions to your problem, and you must look to add these solutions systematically. First, you must look for an alternate passageway into your home or office. If you cannot find an alternate passage into your office, you must call for help. However, even if you have called for help and nothing helpful comes in from it, then it is time that you look for windows or doors that have been left unlocked. IT usually includes back doors of your home that are left unlocked in emergencies.

If you have exhausted all your options, it is time to use the spare keys you have kept hidden in some spot nearby so you can enter your premises. However, if you do not have spare keys and have done all you can, all that’s left now is to call a commercial locksmith so that he can break into your house or office and enter the premises.

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