Are Patented Keys And Locks Right For You?

We do not usually look out for our house or office keys, leaving a threat to our security. Even though all keys made by key duplication look the same, but there is a vast difference in terms of the safety and security of your property. Patent keys are the most secure, preventing illegal duplication and […]

7 Quick Ways to Open a Lock Box without a Key

Lock boxes are popular low-security devices made of less than 12 gauge steel. Are you locked out of your lock box and can’t retrieve your cash from it? Please do not get frustrated because we know some quick and simple ways to open a lock box without a key. Regain access to your property using […]

4 Steps to Rekey a Car Lock

To rekey a car lock with today’s complicated anti-theft devices, you will most likely need a professional at a certain point. However, the process of rekeying a car lock is something you can do yourself with the proper tools and some patience and care. Ultimately, it cuts down rekeying costs depending on how much work […]

Locksmith Services Every Property Manager Needs

Introduction Property managers have a lot going on every day for property maintenance, rent collection, and dealing with clients. One thing that they need during this is a trustworthy locksmith service that keeps their property secure and provides top-notch service. But what exactly are the locksmith services that every property manager needs? Well, if you […]

How to Tell If Your Lock Has Been Picked

Introduction Are you suspicious that somebody is trying to get into your house? Well, there are several ways to intrude on your personal space; one of those clever methods is picking a lock. It leaves minimal evidence and gives a successful entrance. The question is how to tell if your lock has been picked? That’s […]

7 Effective Ways to Improve Garage Security

The ongoing increasing burglary increases insecurity and risks in the houses. So, you must secure all the loopholes in your premises to avoid misfortune. Few people pay attention to garage door security. They have little knowledge that garage doors are the easiest way out to break into the houses.  Get ready to secure your homes […]

6 Simple Steps for Better Lock Maintenance

A lock is a must for your safety and the prevention of heinous crimes. All you need to do is follow a proper lock maintenance schedule for a better and more reliable lock. Keep reading the article to learn the 6 simple steps for better lock maintenance. It will help you increase your door lock’s […]

6 Things to Know Before You Install a Keypad Door Lock

Installing a keypad door lock is very beneficial and has its advantages. For example, the most obvious benefits of installing a keypad door lock are that it is effortless. When you install a keypad door lock, you do not need to install a lock and worry about the keys of that particular lock. So since […]

Five Services You Didn’t Know Your Locksmith Offered

Whenever you are in a peculiar situation where you have locked yourself out of the car or your home, the first person who comes to your mind is a locksmith. There is no doubt in such situations; that locksmiths are heroes; however, that is not all a locksmith can do. Besides pulling you out of […]

7 Life Changes That Require Lock Changes

How often has it happened that you shifted from a space to a new place altogether? And just because of that, you didn’t care about the security systems of that particular space, and as a result, you had to pay a hefty price. Security is paramount, and there are certain critical moments in life that, […]