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Are Patented Keys And Locks Right For You?

We do not usually look out for our house or office keys, leaving a threat to our security. Even though all keys made by key duplication look the same, but there is a vast difference in terms of the safety and security of your property.

Patent keys are the most secure, preventing illegal duplication and internal components more resistant to lock picks. Thus, making these devices more secure than your average door lock. Does the security of patent keys address our most critical vulnerabilities? Do patented locks have more cons than pros? The answers to these questions vary depending on your specific situation, yet the fact about patent keys and locks remains the same.

What are Patented Keys or Patented Locks?

Patented keys and locks limit manufacturing and distribution as they exist under active utility patents. Moreover, restricting the availability of key blanks, so unauthorized copies are no more a problem to deal with! Only those companies who partnered with the manufacturer can make patented keys.

How Do Patent-Protected Keys Works?

A few years back, keys with “do not duplicate” labels were sometimes copied, even though the warning obliged. Duplicates differ as they don’t have that message. Holes for patented keys are generally not accessible because patents protect them.

Patent-protected key mechanisms are all one-of-a-kind, and having legal protection means you cannot replicate them. Duplicating a patent-protected key without the owner’s permission can get costly. Not only do they protect you from key duplication, but they also prevent unauthorized access to your personal space.

The unique pins on your key work on locks that are almost hard to pick, and you can get it done by a nearby locksmith. 

Reasons to Choose Patent-Protected Keys

Locksmith experts share some common reasons one must choose from these locks and keys:

1. Exclusive Access

A patent gives you the ownership to do or make something as per your choice. The World Intellectual Property Organization states, “A patented product has never been displayed to the public in any way, country, or the world.” 

Patent-protected key systems assures that no one other than the provider or a third party approved by the provider makes keys or key blanks. Attempting to duplicate patent-protected keys has the same consequences as breaking copyright laws, such as bearing significant financial consequences.

2. Lock Manipulation Resistant

Lock manipulation is to get property access without the owner’s or companies explicit consent. Multiple ways to manipulate a lock include cutting, snapping, key duplicating, and lock picking. Through these methods, one can hack a low-tech, traditional mechanical lock, while a patent-protected has a much more complex locking mechanism to break into it!

Good patented keys are made with durable, high-quality material, so they don’t break easily. Furthermore, a recent technology named mechatronic access makes it even more difficult for someone to get into your house. Owners can “delete” the data stored on a key, just like their credit cards. 

Moreover, these mechanical keys have a digital chip to add extra security, making them safer and more secure. If you lose your mechatronic keys somewhere, any unauthorized persons cannot enter the protected area. Harder to break locks provide more peace of mind, better sleep, and control to people. In addition, it gives businesses and individuals a sense of security that their security protocol remains unquestioned.

3. Saving Money with Increased Security

With the rising inflation, more people are searching for ways to save money. One such way to save money is by using High security patented lock and keys. Recent, high-security locks offer an unmatchable level of protection compared to old, traditional locks.

The design and architecture of these high-security patent locks and keys help to prevent attacks from thieves and burglars. Their build defines the use of heavy-duty materials to withstand a great deal of force. Furthermore, their advanced security feature for key duplication service makes it virtually impossible to break through or pick a patent lock.

Are you seeking ways to increase your home or business security? High security patented keys and locks are the right solutions to your problem. Get affordable, reliable, and durable locks that provide the highest level of protection available. Don’t risk your safety and money for just a few bucks.

Bottom Line

Now, what do you think about are patented keys and locks right for you? If you need a more robust key control and add more resistance to sneaky entry and convert, making them worth your expenditure money. For others, patent keys might still be an extra luxury but not money spending. 

Therefore, it varies from one person to another and their security requirement. After reading the article, if you still don’t want to purchase the locks, be aware that most high-security locks usually feature patented keys. However, you may have to use older expired models to bypass patent keys.

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