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7 Quick Ways to Open a Lock Box without a Key

Lock boxes are popular low-security devices made of less than 12 gauge steel. Are you locked out of your lock box and can’t retrieve your cash from it? Please do not get frustrated because we know some quick and simple ways to open a lock box without a key. Regain access to your property using one of seven ways, recovering your essentials swiftly and efficiently at home.

Disclaimer: We do not intend this information for any criminal activities. We want to educate our readers and customers on what to do if they cannot open their lockbox without a key, trying our best to alleviate their anxiety.

1. Bypassing

Bypassing involves manipulating the lock’s actuator. Any tool sizing thinner and longer than the key will do the trick. Start by inserting it through the keyway until you hit the lock back. This maneuver allows you to rotate the mechanism connecting to the cam (part of the lock that turns to open it). However, some combinations even have a standard reset code that can use to perform a factory reset bypass. Look for the reset code process on your locks manual!

2. Shimming

Lockboxes with a padlock can be shimmed open. The shimming process executes by inserting two thin metal pieces into the gap between the shackle and the lock body. Furthermore, then pressing down triggers to unlock the mechanism. You can cut off the metal pieces from an aluminum can using scissors. Shimming is vulnerable to both combination padlocks and keyed ones.

3. Picking

One can pick to open a lock even if they have no prior expertise. If time is not a problem, purchasing lock picking tools will make the process much easier. It isn’t easy to unlock a lockbox without a key using improvised tools. Self-created tools are prone to fail if not formed appropriately. Follow the picking procedure to open the safe without a key:

  • Use a lock pick and tension wrench to start.
  • Next, insert the tension wrench into the keyway.
  • Similar to turning the key, apply tension on the wrench.
  • Now, place your lock pick in the keyway’s back.
  • Balance tension as you move the lock pick in, out, down, and up.
  • Finally, rotate the tension wrench to unlock the lock once it has been picked correctly.

4. Decoding

The difference in movement between erroneous and proper numbers must be tactile and visible. The lock sequence may be accurate, but not the combination or the lock may be faulty or if you can’t feel the proper combination. Hence, the padlock won’t open.

There are multiple ways to decode lock, but the simple ones do not require gears. Professionals theoretically use decoding methods to find how to break open quickly, but cracking advanced technologies like impressions are far too complicated for most people.

5. Drilling

Besides being a destructive entry, drilling saves your money as you don’t have to replace the lockbox. Thus, you can replace the lock separately. This method is no different from the others if the lock on the locker cannot be placed. Although the process is quite simple, you still need to prepare before drilling the lock—spray lubricant (WD-40) in the keyway to pry off any weather covers.

  • Firstly, insert the new drill into the keyway.
  • Gradually increase the bit size until the pin breaks.
  • Next, use a flat-head screwdriver and rotate the car lock cylinder.
  • Use a slightly wider (measure in diameter) drill bit than your keyway. If your keyway is small, the lock on your lock box is a cheaper one, and then one drill might be enough to break in.

6. Prying

Prying is one of the most straightforward methods to open a lockbox without a key. Place a pry bar or a crowbar between the lockbox’s frame and door, and then press downwards to open it forcefully.

7. Cutting

Open a lockbox by cutting through its locking mechanism using any cutting tool, preferably an angle grinder. Careful steps can keep the lockbox to remain intact. However, it usually gets damaged during this process.

Bottom Line

Opening your lockbox without a key mostly depends on the type of locking mechanism. Just like dealing with a lost mailbox key, but a lock box has a few more options based on the low security and lock variations. Want to preserve the box and still recover your locked belonging? You are looking at bypassing, decoding, shimming, and picking. Without professional equipment and the proper knowledge it takes to pull off the non-destructive entry, you will have to break either the lock or the box. 

Namely, destructive entry includes drilling, prying, and cutting. In the worst-case scenario, the lock cannot be replaced or is built into the lockbox. Do you want a rekey or key duplication, or are you still troubled with your lockbox due to intelligent security? Give Company Info a call, and our 24/7 mobile services will immediately reach your location.

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