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7 Life Changes That Require Lock Changes

How often has it happened that you shifted from a space to a new place altogether? And just because of that, you didn’t care about the security systems of that particular space, and as a result, you had to pay a hefty price. Security is paramount, and there are certain critical moments in life that, whenever occur, you must always ensure that you have replaced the locks of your current living address. It is to ensure that all your essential items are safe and protected and that your life is also safe.

People understand that whenever a lock brakes, you change them and preferably change the whole mechanism of that lock. However, these are not the only times you must change your lock or update your hardware. Here are seven moments in life when you must always be keen to change your locks to protect yourself from any damage.

Moving in

Whenever you move in from one place to another, you must change the locks of that particular space. It is because there is a high chance that the previous owners might have the keys to that specific space, and there is a very high chance of theft and robbery. There might even be a rare case of abduction if you are not careful enough; therefore, it is always recommended that whenever you move to a new place, change the locks or, better yet, change the security systems altogether.

Changing tenants

If you are an owner of a house or an apartment building, it is preferred that you change the locks regularly whenever your tenants move out. It is essential because there is a good chance that your previous tenants might have the keys or password or pin code to the lock systems of that apartment.

And these are widespread issues that people do not care about, and as a result, it results in theft and burglary. It can also lead to more heinous crimes that can be awarded if the lock systems aren’t changed as soon as the tenants move out.

Ending relationships

It is something that is not taken care of in a proper manner. For example, if you are ending a relationship, you must also ensure that you seize their access to your locks and doors. It can be problematic because if you do not do this, there is a great chance they might enter your place and harm you or your stuff. The reason for them doing this can be anything but love and affection for you. Even if you think your breakup was mature and dignified, you should take precautions.


Stalkers are very common, especially if you are a celebrity or the individual you just broke up with was overly obsessive about you. Therefore to counter these problems, the first thing that you must do is change your locks so that they are unable to access you in your personal life.

Stalking can mean anything; it can either be because they love you or want to stay near you creepily, or they have far more sinister ideas about dealing with you. Therefore if you feel that you have eyes on you and there is no one you see, it is probably because someone is stalking you and means to attempt something that might cause you great harm.


As mentioned before, people think we should only change locks when they have broken or malfunctioned. However, this is very problematic and creates issues down the line. It is always advised that whenever something significant happens, such as an attempted tactic, you must change your locks so that the thieves who come around your place next time think twice about entering your home.

And to be honest, this is a prevalent mistake because people often think that once the thief has stolen what he wants from their apartment or house, he won’t return, so they don’t bother to change the locks. However, this is crucial and critical from a security point of view.


Being a landlord is not easy, and there are several problems with that job. Every time the tenant is disturbing you and is not paying his rent on time, you think of evicting them. However, when you have had enough, you hooked them; now it is your duty to change the lock of that place so that it is safe for the following people who will come in that spot. However, if you are lazy in this regard, there is a high chance that the people you have just evicted might come back and steal some items of high value.

Staff changes

It is something that most people forget about; however, this is something that you must not overlook. If you are working in a commercial business, there is a good chance that that staff member will attempt to come back and harm the office property or his colleagues out of spite. Therefore you must keep in mind that this is possible, and for that reason, you must constantly change the locks whenever you are fighting someone or relieving them of their duties.


These are essential salmon life changes that, whenever happen, the person in charge must constantly change the locks. They must do so because it is a severe hazard to the security of valuable items and your life. Out of all these seven changes that demand a lock change, the most important one is that of theft and burglary. People are often careless with this sort of thing when they should be keen and sensitive about this type of occurrence.

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