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7 Effective Ways to Improve Garage Security

The ongoing increasing burglary increases insecurity and risks in the houses. So, you must secure all the loopholes in your premises to avoid misfortune. Few people pay attention to garage door security. They have little knowledge that garage doors are the easiest way out to break into the houses. 

Get ready to secure your homes with the help of locksmith services to install secure garage doors, repairs, and maintenance to avoid all burglaries. 

  • Smart Openers

Garage doors being the primary entryway, smart upgrades like smart openers are a good choice. It offers remote closing and opening of the garage door and smart monitoring via an app. Therefore, the house remains safe and secure when it remains in the down position to lock your door. A thief will try to break in by hacking or forcefully opening the door. 

An installation of a smart opener lets you monitor the garage and get quick alerts on the smart devices at times of burglary. As a result, you can inform law enforcement promptly. Go for the smart openers that send a notification for the forceful operation of garage doors and remain free from continuous monitoring of the garage doors. Look for a reputable locksmith to help you in your journey.

  • Emergency Locks- Overrides

The emergency release is an easy and quick burglar trick to weaken the security on your garage doors. Despite the presence of a cord in the garage, burglars can easily access it from outside using a long-reach tool and little effort. The locksmith company designs emergency locks on the garage doors for manual opening when a power outage obstructs the safety feature of the garage doors. 

Therefore, preserving the safety feature for better security at the garage doors is better. Either secure the latch with a zip tie or obstruct the deflect tools. Choose for the installation of internal barriers inside your garage door’s top. Sip tying of the latch requires adequate force to break it. 

  • Secure the Service Doors

The door between your home and the service door is the easiest way to get into your house. Don’t take any risks and lock these doors perfectly. You must not rely on the old and flimsy latches. Instead, install heavy model latches on the doors for home safety. 

Also, look for strong garage doors because flimsy ones are easy to break by body-slamming and knocking down after a few kicks. Look for sturdy door material with proper securing. The frame and door must not have gaps to avoid vulnerability, so use solid doors (metal/wood) instead of hollow ones.

  • Block Windows View

Block the view of your garage from the windows either by blocking or frosting it. The potential burglars will find it hard to intrude in the garages if they do not see any valuable items lying there. 

Also, look for integrated shades to block the garage’s view for more security. You can even use an app to close the windows after leaving the garages. Therefore, durable and high-end door windows can help you out. Don’t forget to avoid cheap, weak, and big windows for quick and easy access to burglars in your garages. Choose smaller or frosted windows for more security, appearance, and insulation. 

  • Locks

Look for the best lock for garage doors. The garage door remains insecure if anyone can easily open it with the wrong key. Also, lock replacement of garage doors is a choice if the locks are malfunctioning. 

Even a padlock on the garage door must only open with the right key. Add hasps and padlocks for additional security. These must not be loose and offer shackle protection for hasp coverage. 

  • Clear Landscape

Your landscape must remain clear from bushes, hedges, trees, and other hideaways for the burglars who want to watch out for your garage activities and valuables. Clear the exterior view of garage gates.

So, your neighbors, passers on anyone at your home can monitor the suspicious activity and inform you. It will discourage the burglars from roaming around during the daytime. Ensure a clean passage from home to the street.  

  • Bright Lights

Moreover, the landscape must remain bright as well with bright lights. It allows you to see the outdoor activities near the garage and the movement of unwanted people around it. These bright lights will help you keep an eye at night time. Motion-sensor flood lights are a good choice for anyone planning to tamper with your garage door security. 


In a nutshell, Secure Garage doors are bliss for the homeowners to ensure security for their homes and valuables inside the garages. Often closed front doors of the houses still leave behind a loophole in the garage doors that creates room for burglary and insecurity. Learn the 7 effective ways to improve garage security and feel safe in your homes. 

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