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5 Myth about Locksmith Services

Whenever we hire a locksmith, we frequently do not consider many of the services they provide. It is because we only call a locksmith or when we are in trouble. This trouble includes being locked out of your office, car, or even out of your own home. But a locksmith provides many more services than just opening your car or home door. Since we do not call locksmiths often, we are liable to many misconceptions about them, and we also have created a lot of myths about their expertise.

So to help you understand what locksmiths do, we will be discussing one of the five most common misconceptions and myths people have about locksmiths worldwide. We must inform people about this because there is a lot of misconception about this concept, and as a result, people expect their locksmiths to do that kind of job when they aren’t able to.

1.      Only call them in emergencies.

Even though they are called in emergencies, most locksmiths can do many more things than just fixing your door keys. They can perform many other duties, such as replacing your locks and changing entire security systems. They can easily replace the existing locks, and you would upgrade your current security systems to the latest version.

Besides that, a locksmith is not just dear for cutting your door locks open or for emergencies, but they can also install access control systems on your building premises. This way, you can know the number of people entering your building at what time. It can even identify who is entering your building, giving you complete control over any visitors visiting your office building.

2.      All locksmiths have the same level of skill.

It is another method that is present out there in the locksmith market. Customers usually perceive that every type of locksmith is skilled and has the same skill level as the other competitors in the market. However, this is absolutely rubbish; particular locksmiths can get you into your home while keeping the lock’s integrity intact.

While on the other hand, locksmiths who have just started their career might not be as experienced, and as a result, they might not be able to keep the integrity of your lock and data when they intend to get you through your door. Therefore whenever you go out to hire a locksmith, it is advised that you hire someone who has an experience of more than 30 years or at least ten years of experience.

3.      Locksmiths have master keys.

When people call locksmiths in an emergency, they have this general idea in their mind that locksmiths have a master key period which is false and is a myth that is very popular amongst customers.

There is no such thing as a master key; however, locksmiths can modify some locks to fit in a unique key that opens all the types of locks in a particular building. But open people think that locksmiths have a master key which is just not true. A locksmith makes his guy on the spot so that he can do his job and opens the door for you.

4.     Emergency locksmiths are expensive.

Often people think that emergency locksmiths can be very expensive. However, this is not the case. It’s all about finding the correct type of locksmith service that provides 24-hour service in your locality. If you think that just because you are calling a locksmith out of his service hours, it means that he will charge you more is something wrong.

Keep in mind that locksmith services often provide a 24-hour service meaning that you should be able to get those services at the same rate that a locksmith would operate during Standard Time. Also, remember that you must always ask your local locksmith to give you a quote over the phone when you call for a locksmith. He must also be able to provide you with a quote on paper before operating on the lock for you.

5.      All locksmiths are certified.

Yet another myth surrounding their profession is that all locksmiths are certified by some institution. It is not true; only locksmiths who have been tested and trialed and have a lot of experience are accredited by a particular organization. Just because there is a local locksmith in your area doesn’t mean that they are certified to do and provide those kinds of services to you. 

Always hire a locksmith with proper certification to do the job for you. It is a significant thank you to remember before you hire someone to operate on your lock because they might not be able to solve your problem but rather create even more issues with your current lock system.


So these are five myths surrounding the locksmith profession, and the general public must understand them because frequently, they are quite misleading and can create problems down the line. Of all these five myths, the most common myth about locksmiths is that they are certified. Remember that a proper institution has approved only a few locksmiths because they have given a certain test or investigated thoroughly. So when you are out to hire a locksmith, it’s preferred that you hire a locksmith who is certified by a dignified institution.

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