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4 Steps to Rekey a Car Lock

To rekey a car lock with today’s complicated anti-theft devices, you will most likely need a professional at a certain point. However, the process of rekeying a car lock is something you can do yourself with the proper tools and some patience and care. Ultimately, it cuts down rekeying costs depending on how much work you can do yourself and where you require locksmith services.

There are situations where your car keys are stolen or lost, and you definitely can leave them floating around, easily accessible to intruders. Rekeying the car locks is an appropriate and perfect solution for such cases. Even though each car has specific processes, these four steps are essential Intel for all models. To maximize helpfulness, we have kept all information as general as possible.

Locksmiths are the best service option to rekey your car door locks in most cases. Let us see what this 4-step process looks like when an expert handles it.

1. Evaluation

Few things are necessary to evaluate before you rekey a car lock. These aspects include three primary considerations: function, parts, and time. Next, the lock function defines whether it works or not. In addition, it justifies that you might need repairing for your car door lock or replacement with a new one rather than rekeying it.

Starting with the part’s element, you must seek answers to what internal components comprise within your car l their availability. In a case where your car key broke off in the ignition, you will first need to remove it before it is possible to rekey the lock.

Last aspect, time explains the difficulty level of the car rekeying process. Some vehicles are built more complicated than others, taking more time to remove dashboard panels or side doors. Once the locks are easily accessible, rekeying a problematic lock takes even more time.

2. Removal

Often, the most labor-intensive and time-consuming part of the rekeying process is gaining access to it. Unlike rekeying residential locks, rekeying a car lock is a significantly more difficult job. You will have to deal with a mix of screw types and pull to replace panels.

Removing the surrounding panels will expose wires, whether a door lock cylinder or ignition. If the work is done carelessly, it can damage the panels, fraying or disconnect key electrical components. Therefore, hiring a professional who possesses enough knowledge about car cylinder removal in terms of risk and process is better.

Or else, there are chances you might end up replacing your car door lock cylinder or needing car ignition repair instead of rekeying your car.

3. Rekeying

A little bit of understanding of automotive locks is necessary to rekey a car as their internal components are far less universal such as sliders, wafers, and disk detainers come in different manufacturer-specific sizes. Furthermore, you will need these new components to replace older parts that fit accordingly.

One way to solve this is by rearranging the existing components. For instance, moving the third wafer to the first position, the second to the third, and so on, the old key no longer fits the car lock. Unlike replacing locks, rekeying a car look does not always repair the cylinder; instead, rearranging existing lock components reduces the damage and wear that causes unresponsiveness or sticking.

4. New Key 

By rekeying your car lock, you also replace your original key. Unlike standard car key replacement, this new key does not correspond to the previous existing vehicle information, featuring a brand new key code. Moreover, to create this new key, you need a key cutter that makes cuts by reading codes, as there is no key for duplication. Fetching this code requires professional knowledge and tools.

However, if there is any wear to sliders, disks, and wafers, you might need a customized new key. Suppose you lose your car key in the future with no spares available. In that case, the locksmith will require access to the current key code (the one decoded after rekeying) to cut a key since your VIN (vehicle identification number) is no use now!

Bottom Line

Based on your skill level and access to professional tools, it is technically possible to successfully rekey a car by yourself, leading you to save money. However, it is unlikely to do it all by yourself. Moreover, a professional locksmith saves your time, hassle, and some peace of mind. Be aware of the risks before planning to rekey your car’s door lock, as it might cost more to resolve blunders.

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